4C Horizontal Mailboxes for Sale

Figuring out a mail delivery system approved by the United States Postal Service (USPS) for commercial buildings can feel overwhelming with so many options. 4C Horizontal USPS-approved mailboxes are excellent options for indoor or outdoor applications with strong durability and security measures. At Mailbox Depot USA, we offer a range of USPS-approved 4C mailboxes to meet your mail delivery needs.

What Are 4C Horizontal Mailboxes?

USPS standard 4C horizontal mailboxes are wall-mounted centralized mailbox configuration units that your local post office now requires for any major renovation or new construction. If you have existing mailbox compartments where you plan to conduct major renovations, like tearing down a wall, you must replace the system following the new USPS installation requirements.

4C Mailbox Requirements

Your 4C horizontal mailbox installation must meet the following parcel locker requirements to be USPS approved:

  • Minimum parcel locker size of 12” x 3” x 5”
  • 1:5 parcel locker-to-mail compartment ratio
  • USPS-approved security measures
  • Suitability for indoor and outdoor use
  • Approved lock design

Mail Carrier Access: Front- vs. Rear-loading Mounts

Wall-mounted 4C mailboxes come in both front- and rear-loading designs. A front-loading 4C horizontal mailbox will require a master loading door with a USPS arrow lock so the carrier can access parcel lockers from the front. A rear-loading 4C horizontal mailbox includes a latching rear door that connects with a secure mail room that the carrier may access to insert mail into parcel lockers.

Both front and rear options have advantages and disadvantages depending on your building’s construction. If you need help deciding, call our team to discuss your options.

Benefits of 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

4C mailboxes offer convenient benefits for your commercial property. You can enjoy a mail slot, extra durability, different styling options, and strong security measures.

Outgoing Mail Compartment

All 4C mailbox units feature outgoing mail compartments with anti-theft hoods. The USPS carrier can conveniently access the mechanisms for quick drop-off and collection.

Adequate Security Requirements

The newest requirements ensure that 4C mailboxes contain strong security measures for preventing theft and vandalism. The mail compartment features an anti-fish plate, and the doors have heavy-duty cam locks to reduce risks. This durable setup uses a three-key system to keep parcel lockers secure.

Style Options

4C horizontal mailboxes come in a few different finishes to match the style of your property. You can customize your 4C mailbox with modern colors like bronze, black, sandstone, or aluminum to blend with the rest of your building’s design.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

4C mailbox systems work in indoor and outdoor applications, featuring weather durability that can withstand various conditions. Regardless of your commercial property’s layout or requirements, you can find a way to make the unit fit.

Shop Online for 4C Horizontal Mailboxes With Mailbox Depot USA

When you’re ready to shop online for USPS-approved 4C mailboxes, visit our selection at Mailbox Depot USA. We offer various styles, sizes, and mounting options to suit your needs. Shop online for 4C mailboxes from Mailbox Depot USA, or contact us to learn more.

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