USPS-approved Parcel Mailboxes for Package Delivery

Why Would You Need a Parcel Mailbox?

Ordering products online has become just as common as running to a store, but many people struggle with package theft because they don’t have a secure place for deliveries. While theft of items presents an evident concern, people also face the threat of identity theft from stolen letters and boxes.

Cluster boxes found in apartment complexes provide residents with secure parcel lockers, but how do you keep packages safe if you have a small individual mailbox?

Many home and business owners install parcel mailboxes for package delivery. These mailboxes are designed for parcels that don’t fit in traditional boxes.

Benefits of Locking Parcel Mailboxes

You may invest in a locking parcel mailbox for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Keeping packages away from thieves
  • Protecting parcels from rain and snow
  • Securely storing boxes when homes and businesses are empty

If you want to protect your deliveries while you go on vacation or keep thieves at bay, shop our wide selection of USPS-approved locking parcel boxes.

Parcel Mailbox Options

Large-capacity Locking Mailboxes

Many households and businesses receive small and medium-sized boxes in the mail, so they choose oversized mailboxes with locking doors. These large mailboxes feature anti-theft mechanisms like pry-proof doors and specialized delivery slots designed to stop someone from fishing mail out of the box. These boxes are built from thick steel and hold up to impacts, keeping the contents safe.

Locking Drop Boxes

Another common parcel box type uses a drop mechanism to hold delivered packages. These large vandal-proof mailboxes keep oversized mail secure by passing deliveries through a spinning drum that drops the parcel into a secure lower cabinet.

Drop boxes securely manage incoming and outgoing packages with spaces for outgoing mail. Strong steel construction and secure door locks ensure package security when ordering products through the USPS, UPS, Amazon, or another shipping service.

Trusted Parcel Mailbox Brands


dVault, a decades-old family-owned company, manufactures locking mailboxes to keep mail and packages secure. dVault mailboxes feature patented designs, heavy-duty construction, and power-coat finishes to protect against rust and corrosion.

Architectural Mailboxes

Women- and minority-owned Architectural Mailboxes has offered some of the most popular USPS-approved locking mailboxes on the market since 2000. Their popular Elephantrunk and Oasis series offer stylish and strong parcel mailboxes for package delivery.

Mail Boss

Founded in 2006, Mail Boss creates affordable locking mailboxes using high-quality materials and secure designs. This reputable company began when the founder experienced package theft twice in one year and became committed to creating a trusted solution.

Shopping Online for USPS-approved Parcel Mailboxes

If you need a secure mailbox for your delivery needs, browse our online selection. Mailbox Depot USA provides home and business owners secure package protection with a wide variety of parcel mailboxes for package delivery.

Whether you need a large-capacity mailbox or a locking drop box for your home or business, you’ll find an affordable and reliable product when you shop with us. Contact us today!


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