USPS-approved Apartment Mailboxes

Determining the best centralized mail delivery system for your apartment buildings can feel overwhelming with so many USPS-approved apartment mailboxes available. You want to select an option that will work in your property’s central location while adhering to USPS regulations. At Mailbox Depot USA, we offer all the top USPS-approved apartment building mail delivery options so you can pick the best unit for your needs.

USPS Mail Delivery Requirements

To receive United States Postal Service ingoing and outgoing mail, you must adhere to various criteria. Our team has ample experience dealing with USPS-approved systems, so we know how to help you pick an appropriate unit for your apartments. We’ll cover some of the regulations below, though if you’re unsure of your needs, call our team to discuss your best options.

Apartment Mailbox Options

The primary apartment mailboxes approved by USPS include the following systems.

4C Horizontal Mailboxes

4C units are the industry standard for most commercial use cases. USPS requires that any major renovation or new construction project installs mailboxes that adhere to 4C specifications. 4C horizontal mailboxes include a front-loading design with options for recessed or surface-mounted installations depending on your wall and preferences.

4C Pedestal Mailboxes

Pedestal mailboxes are streetside systems that also follow 4C specifications. Because of the outdoor application near the street, pedestal mailboxes require stricter regulations, and you must receive prior approval from your local post office before installing. For example, you typically must meet certain height and placement specifications.

Vertical Mailboxes

Vertical mailboxes look similar to lockers with wide side-by-side parcel lockers. You can only install vertical apartment mailboxes when replacing older units as they fall within the 4B criteria, which the USPS considers outdated. For new construction or renovation projects, you will not be able to use vertical mailboxes.

Cluster Box Units

Cluster mailboxes work for all types of commercial apartment buildings and projects, offering great flexibility. The system typically includes a pedestal carrying multiple parcel lockers for indoor or outdoor applications. You don’t need to worry about recessed or surface-mounted units with cluster boxes, as they stand on their own without wall installation.

Multi-family Mailboxes

Multi-family mailboxes work best for smaller applications, like duplexes or office complexes. The variety of elegant designs makes multi-family mail systems perfect for strict HOA requirements of curb-appeal improvements.

Mailbox Accessories

After picking the type of mail delivery system you prefer, you can add optional accessories to improve functionality, security, and style. We recommend considering the following:

  • Address tags or engravements
  • Key keepers for building access
  • Apartment drop boxes
  • Mail slots

Find the Right Apartment Mailbox With Mailbox Depot USA Today

Finding the right apartment mail delivery system can feel challenging when you don’t know where to start. At Mailbox Depot USA, we offer top-notch apartment mailboxes that adhere to postal requirements to make the decision process easier for you. If you need help picking a system for your building or a specific wall, our expert team can help.

Shop online for apartment mailboxes from Mailbox Depot USA, or contact us for further support.


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