USPS-approved Wall Mount Mailboxes

What Is a Wall Mount Mailbox?

Many homes and businesses feature wall mount mailboxes. These mail receptacles are installed right outside the structure’s front door or in another convenient location on an exterior wall.

Many home and business owners have adopted the wall mount design to take advantage of many benefits. Let’s review some of these advantages and the options we have available to help you decide whether a wall-mounted unit is right for your application.

Benefits of Wall Mount Mailboxes

With a wide range of available styles and accessories, wall mount mailboxes can benefit anyone. The primary benefits of this mailbox option include the following:


Wall mount mailboxes combine functionality and convenience by bringing mail delivery to the customer’s front door. Whether you want to avoid walking in rain or snow to get your mail or struggle with restricted mobility, you can easily collect your delivered items using this mailbox style.


Whether you have money coming through the mail or want to protect yourself from theft, a mailbox installed on a wall can provide the security you need. Many wall mount mailboxes feature locking doors and other security mechanisms.

A wall mount mailbox also keeps important mail close to the front door, making it less open to strangers.

Curb Appeal

Does the mailbox in front of your home reduce its visual appeal? Moving your mailbox to a wall-mounted position by your front door may enhance your home’s curb appeal. Homeowners who want to sell should consider wall mount mailboxes to improve the attractiveness of their homes.

Wall Mount Mailbox Options

Classic Mailboxes

Our online selection of wall mount mailboxes includes many classic designs. These simple but timeless receptacles often consist of horizontal or vertical compartments with lids that open from the top back seam.

Modern Mailboxes

We also offer more modern mailbox styles featuring sleek designs and finishes. Perhaps you’ll opt for a stylish stainless steel mailbox to match the contemporary look of your home or business.

Many mailbox manufacturers create locking wall mount mailboxes featuring modern designs, so you can find a great option whether you want a locked or unlocked box.

Decorative Mailboxes

If you’re looking for a more decorative option, you’ll find the perfect mailbox in our selection. Our options for decorative wall mount mailboxes include a wide variety of designs, colors, accessories, and features.

Perhaps you prefer a Victorian design crafted from stainless steel or aluminum with an antique finish, or maybe you’ll opt for another decorative style.

Locking Mailboxes

Many homeowners and business owners invest in mailboxes with locks to prevent mail and identity theft. Our selection includes various locking wall mount mailboxes to keep your mail secure.

We offer locking wall mount mailboxes in many styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect mailbox for your home or business.

Wall mount mailboxes seamlessly combine functionality and accessibility, offering the best mail receptacle solution for many people. Shop our selection today to enjoy convenient and secure mail delivery.

Have questions about our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us using our online form.


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BrandsFeatured Products

Whitehall Custom Wall Mount Mailbox with Removable Locking Insert

This Whitehall wall mount mailbox is extra spacious and super durable to deliver a lifetime of carefree mail delivery. The new Alumi-Shield coating produces a hard-wearing yet beautiful finish ¢‚¬€œ...
$275.99 $233.99
BrandsFeatured Products

Whitehall Wall Mailbox with Removable Locking Insert

The Whitehall standard mailbox post is designed to be used with Whitehall mailboxes Constructed of cast aluminum so it will never rust Covered with a powder coat paint finish making...
$218.99 $172.00
BrandsGaines Mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailbox with Eagle Emblem

Premium quality Gaines Eagle Wall Mount Mailbox is a combination of tradition and American patriotism. Large capacity wall mount mailbox have a top access door that can stay open when...
BrandsGaines Mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailbox with Leaf Emblem

Large capacity Gaines Maple Leaf Wall Mount Mailboxes provide classic good looks with superb functionality. The decorative maple leaf motif insert comes in your choice of Antique Brass, Polished Brass,...
BrandsGaines Mailboxes

Fleur de Lis Wall Mount Mailbox

Premium quality Gaines Fleur De Lis Wall Mount Mailbox has a classic look. Large capacity wall mount mailbox have a top access door that can stay open when needed. The...
BrandsLocking Mailboxes

Ultimate High Security Locking Metro Wall Mount Mailbox

Product Details The high-security Mail Boss Metro locking mailbox, shown in Bronze, features contemporary appeal. This classic wall mount residential mailbox features a locking access door secured with a commercial...
$139.00 $110.99
BrandsLocking Mailboxes

Ultimate High Security Locking Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox

Ultimate High Security Locking Townhouse Wall Mount Mailbox Mail Boss Ultimate High Security Locking Townhouse Wall Mount MailboxThe best choice for theft deterrence and vandal resistance, Mail Boss Mailbox offers...
$151.00 $120.99
1004-NAT-Wall Mount Mailbox-Satin Nickel

SHB-1004-NAT - Hand Painted Hummingbird Horizontal Residential Mailbox

Natural Hand Painted Hummingbird Wall Mount Mailboxes offer a distinct decorative touch to ordinary home mail delivery. Made from lightweight rust-proof cast aluminum. Finished with a high quality chip and...
$326.00 $260.98
SHB-1004 - Hummingbird Horizontal Residential Mailbox

SHB-1004 - Hummingbird Horizontal Residential Mailbox

Hummingbird Wall Mount Mailboxes are not your average residential mailbox. Made from heavy gauge rust-proof cast aluminum, these fine-quality wall mount mailboxes will last through the years. Beautify your home’s...
$189.00 $150.98
SHC-1002-Wall Mount Mailbox-Satin Nickel

SHC-1002 - Contemporary Horizontal Residential Mailbox

Contemporary Horizontal Wall Mount Mailboxes boast an exceptional design and top-quality craftsmanship. The traditional look and charm make this mailbox suitable for either a country or city home. Made from...
$189.00 $150.98
SHF-1001 - Floral Horizontal Residential Mailbox

SHF-1001 - Floral Horizontal Residential Mailbox

" Floral Wall Mount Mailboxes are an upgraded version of the traditional style mailbox. Deep leaf embossed design adds that extra special touch that enhances both urban and rural settings....
$195.00 $155.98
SHH-1006-Wall Mount Mailbox-Satin Nickel

Horizon Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox

Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox Manufactured by Special Lite Manufacturing, this non-locking Horizon wall mount mailbox is a decorative horizontal residential mailbox designed to accent your home€™s exterior. Horizon wall mount...
$106.00 $84.98