USPS-approved Column Mailboxes and Column Mailbox Inserts

Why Choose Column Mount Mailboxes?

Homeowners, business owners, builders, and developers install column-mounted mailboxes to complement a property’s architecture and provide easy mail retrieval.

Rather than opt for traditional mailbox and post designs, they install preformed column mailboxes or column mailbox inserts set into contractor-built structures. You may choose a column mailbox to boost curb appeal, follow homeowners association guidelines, or accommodate a more complex box featuring a drop chute or parcel locker.

These attractive mailboxes add classic elegance to residential and commercial properties and provide secure mail delivery in strong steel and aluminum boxes.

Column Mailbox Components

Column mailboxes consist of a column, an aluminum, steel, or composite mailbox, and a secure door or two, depending on the design. They also often feature decorative faceplates and matching address panels that are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any property.

Column Mailbox Options

Custom vs. Premanufactured Columns

You have several options for installing a column-mounted mailbox at your home or business. You may purchase a stucco column from a mailbox distributor like Mailbox Depot USA or hire a contractor to build a custom column out of brick, stucco, or another material.

Preformed stucco columns from top manufacturers like QualArc typically fit over existing four-by-four posts and may come with the mailbox included. Purchasers can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to match any building style.

Locking vs. Non-locking Mailboxes

Column mailboxes and column mailbox inserts come in locking and non-locking varieties. Manufacturers construct these mailboxes using aluminum and stainless steel to ensure sturdiness and corrosion resistance.

 You may opt for a locking mailbox if you have any concerns about mail theft or regularly receive valuable mail.

Same- vs. Opposite-side Retrieval Door

Some column mailboxes open only on one side, while others provide two doors, one for mail delivery and the other for mail collection. A same-side retrieval door may best suit your needs if you often retrieve your mail from your vehicle. On the other hand, you may choose a mailbox design with an opposite-side retrieval door if you want to collect your mail from inside a gated security fence or wall.

Standard and Oversized Mailboxes

Property owners and developers choose column-mounted mailbox designs to accommodate larger receptacles for oversized mail. Preformed and custom-built columns can support standard mailboxes, parcel lockers, and even drop box designs featuring theft-proof chutes and secure aluminum or steel doors.

A larger mailbox may suit your needs best if you often receive oversized mail or can’t collect your mail every day.

Shopping for Column Mailboxes at Mailbox Depot USA

If you want the look of a wall-mounted mailbox but don’t have an available exterior wall, a column-mounted mailbox design can provide the appearance you desire. Shop our selection of column mailboxes, column mailbox inserts, and mailbox accessories to find the ideal mail collection solution for your property.

Please get in touch with us with any questions regarding our column mailboxes or other products.


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